Make a real difference, not an attention getting splash

Current affairs types in Melbourne are up in arms about a proposal to fine drivers for purposely splashing pedestrians by racing through flooded intersections.

Get real folks, the likelihood of people actually being fined is essentially zero if the number of times drivers are fined for racing past a stopped tram is any indication of how pedestrians are protected in Melbourne.

I’d like to see one of the affairs programs attach a camera to the side of a tram and document the number of near misses prevented by passenger caution as cars repeatedly zoom past the stopped tram.

Not overtaking a stopped tram is the law now, a law that is flouted daily on every tram route in the city. Bringing that to light might do some real good.

That might take time away from promoting shonky diets and proclaiming cures for (insert any emotionally appealing condition here) approximately two months after debunking a similar story by their competition.

That alone would benefit the people of Melbourne.


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