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Maintaining the mellow

If you have ever wondered how to go back to work after a holiday feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to face anything read my post on For the Journey Advertisements

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New posts on the mind, body, spirit journey blog

If you’re interested in what I’ve been writing lately, come visit me in my new location (For the journey) Food for the mind Food for the body Food for the spirit Letting go and more.

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Where have I gone?

I’ve moved my blogs to my own domain and changed the focus a little bit.  My new blogs are Vagabond Gal and For the Journey Vagabond Gal is where I will be writing about travel, travel tips, and other things … Continue reading

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About the Cat’s Bow Wow

I’m a born dog person whose heart was stolen by a tortoiseshell cat with more attitude that is good for either of us. Now I’m a firm cat lover. Something I’ve always had is an opinion, on everything. So this … Continue reading

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Behind the Beautiful Forevers, non-fiction as engaging as any novel?

More so! Because in Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity Katherine Boo has given voice to real people that most people won’t ever get a chance to hear. She takes you to Annawadi, a place you … Continue reading

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What is The Cat’s Bow Wow? One step better than the Cat’s Meow! Where a cat loving dog person pontificates abot what she finds funny and fabulous and sometimes rants about things that drive her mad. Stay tuned for more … Continue reading

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Make a real difference, not an attention getting splash

Current affairs types in Melbourne are up in arms about a proposal to fine drivers for purposely splashing pedestrians by racing through flooded intersections. Get real folks, the likelihood of people actually being fined is essentially zero if the number … Continue reading

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