Note to nose pierces

I would think it obvious, but based on what I’ve seen on the tram, it isn’t.  So here’s a word of friendly advice.

Don’t pick a nose ring that looks like snot or a big old dried booger. 

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Superfluous words from TV chefs

Why can’t tv chefs leave well enough alone. No one ever stirs anything.  They stir it up.  Nothing gets fried. It’s fried off. No pouring gets done’ it has to be poured out.

Maybe it’s their fear of silence. They all seem to fear a moment when their voices aren’t filling the air.  It’s a wonder they get any cooking done at all.

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Belated greetings from the Cat’s Bow Wow

Welcome to the Cat’s Bow Wow, don’t know how you found your way here, and for now nothing much to keep you here. Plan on changing that as time goes by.

Who am I, call me Kita. I’m a writer and editor with wide interests, food, science, books and popular media.

Some of the things that have my attention today, slow cooking (ham hocks, pork belly, lamb shanks) and modern keyboards.  I love the former and hate the latter.

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